Another Venue - Coming Soon

April 27, 2021
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April 27, 2021

Given the increase in membership these past 12 months, your LDAA Committee has conducted extensive searches for more still water to add to the existing portfolio.

We are now pleased to announce that a lengthy lease was agreed yesterday (26/04) for Strawberry Fields, Station Rd, Langworth, Lincoln LN3 5BU.

Top Lake
Bottom Lake

Fully aware it being netted in Feb 2019 with much stock being removed, we see this as a new beginning, with LDAA in a position to mould into what suits our needs.

With that in mind, Andy Brown of Whisby Angling Supplies has agreed to join LDAA as a partner to this venture, offering his wealth of experience and advice having until recently been a fisheries manager in his own right.

The venue will remain closed for extensive maintenance that is required to make it fit for purpose once again.

The intention is to have at least one of the two lakes open by 01 June.

To that end, anyone with peg/platform/fencing/machinery experience and willing to assist with this maintenance project during May is kindly requested to contact the LDAA Secretary.


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