Blue Lagoon - start of the bio-diversity enhancements

February 5, 2021
Last Updated:
February 5, 2021

LDAA is pleased to announce that the staged bio-diversity enhancements to the Blue Lagoon finally got under way this week, with the creation of artificial berms. These berms are made from locally sourced coppice products, as harvested by our Woodland Management Consultant. The berms will then be planted with an array of native plant species in the spring. Thanks goes to the Environmental Agency for their assistance with funding and continued support as well as the advice received from our advisor at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.    

Through this programme, we aim to;

·        Increase bio-diversity through habitat creation

·        Improve water quality

·        Enhance the recreation use of the Blue Lagoon for all

Please bear with us while we undertake these improvements.  For more information, please feel free to speak to our contractor on site (abiding by COVID regulations), or email us at

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