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February 16, 2021
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February 16, 2021

A juvenile swan that made a visit to the Blue Lagoon last month had to be relocated earlier today.  The previous year’s resident adults made their return, bullying the junior onto neighbouring roadways and causing it some distress. Adults are naturally aggressive and territorial at this time of year, given the fact that they are preparing for parenthood.

Blue Lagoon: Juvenile in foreground, adults in background.
Packing Location: Size XL waterproof jacket, proving to be a very good impromptu relocation sling.

Having taken earlier guidance from Lincoln Swan Sanctuary representative, LDAA Secretary was poised to assist with its relocation. The juvenile is now swimming happily around the vast expanse of Hartsholme Country Park thanks to the help of Frankie, Swan Sancuary volunteer.

Happy Swan
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