Environmental Agency Delivery & Fauna Update

May 2, 2021
Last Updated:
May 2, 2021

Crucian Carp are perfect for the pond because they are a remarkably hardy fish.  The Crucian can survive extreme conditions such as intense cold and heat; it tolerates acidification and de-oxygenation, conditions that kill almost all other fish. Historical accounts report them being able to live for several hours out of water, inhabiting lakes and ponds with plentiful submerged aquatic vegetation. It is a fish that perhaps one day may help scientists to understand the process of brain survival without oxygen, with all the potential benefits to human health.

There is also evidence that Mother Nature isdoing what she’s good at, given a helping hand, and blossom has been seen on a Cherry Tree for the first time and new strong growth can be seen at the base of some of the trees around the new berm that had to be felled for safety reasons.

Cherry Tree Blossom


Undergrowth thriving after the removal of the canopy

The thinned canopy is also allowing morelight to filter through to ground level which is resulting in the new growth of some spring flowers.

White Bluebells

While major work has been halted for the time being to allow for the fledglings and waterfowl chicks to establish themselves around the area, general maintenance work will be carried out, in line with Lincoln City Council and all of the Government Agencies recommendations, complying with COVID restrictions.

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