Johnson & Smith Saturday Open League - Match 2

January 21, 2020
Last Updated:
January 21, 2020

Saturday 11th January 2020.

Due to the recent spate of poor fishing on the West Common, this round was moved on to the Roadside strech at the rear of Saxilby Spice.

The canal was carrying very heavy colour and as a result this affected the fishing, bites were at a primium.

But, the match had to have a winner and that was Malc Firmstone off peg 10 on the roadside with 5lb 12oz of small Roach and Perch and a good Bream. Malc capatilised on using groundbait and pinkie at 8 metres.

In second spot was Chris White off peg 1 on the bridge pegs with 3lb 7oz, again Roach and Perch. John Blades pulled into third place with 3lb 2oz of Roach and Perch off Roadside peg 6.

League; Malc Firmstone 13 points from Alan Houlton and Graham Bunnage both with 12 points.

Accompanying picture is of Match Winner, Malc Firmstone.