Johnson & Smith Saturday Open League - Match 6 (final)

March 9, 2020
Last Updated:
March 10, 2020

This was the final match in the six match series that took place 29 Feb, and it could not have been closer at the top of the league. With the pressure rising on the league leader Malc Firmstone, he kept his cool and not only won the match but also the league and… the knock-out!

Malc drew Peg 2 at the Bridge, where he fished chopped worm and caster close in to finish with a credible 11lb 14oz of roach and perch that finished an excellent league performance.

Match runner-up was Malc's closest league rival, Alan Houlton who drew Peg 1 at the Bridge to finish with 7lb 10oz of roach and perch with Nathan Watson taking third place off Peg 9 on the Roadside with 3lb 14oz.

Final League Places:

1. Malc Firmstone 34 points.

2. Alan Houlton 33 points.

3. Nathan Watson 27 points and Chris Elsom also on 27 points.

League Knock-out Winner: Malc Firmstone.

Runner-up: Alan Houlton.

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