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January 24, 2020
Last Updated:
January 26, 2020

Brayford Pool Now a No Fishing Zone

LDAA received disappointing news this week that the Brayford Trust has withdrawn the rights for LDAA members to fish the Brayford Wharf. This venue is now deemed to be ‘No Fishing’, with Brayford Trust erecting signs in the near future. The decision to declare this venue unsuitable for fishing has been made by the Brayford Trust due to the high amount of building development over the last 18 years, which has subsequently led to a huge increase in foot traffic.

LDAA respects the wishes of the Brayford Trust and Lincoln University in their decision, and will now forge ahead and obtain a more suitable and accessible replacement for our members.

Blue Lagoon / Starmers Pit Survey Work

In the meantime, LDAA Committee decided earlier this month to immediately release funds and undertake a netting/survey programme of both Blue Lagoon and Starmers Pit. This is with a view to establishing those two waters and planning for their future. LDAA will work closely in conjunction with independent fishery consultants and the Environmental Agency in continuing to provide you with the opportunity to fish at prestigious venues.

Hartsholme Information for 2020

Hartsholme comes with the added complication of not being a closed water, as it has a tributary flow from adjoining waters – therefore, health-screened stock from registered fisheries would need introducing, if it was deemed necessary to do so. Catches during 2020 from Hartsholme will be closely monitored and an action plan formulated for the start of 2021. Notwithstanding this, during the height of last years’ summer the Environmental Agency noted a considerable amount of ‘silver fish’ struggling in an adjoining water source due to its reducing water levels. These fish were netted (approx. 10,000) and placed within Hartsholme.

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