LDAA Predator Rules - proposal with effect 01 Nov 2021

September 30, 2021
Last Updated:
October 3, 2021

The predator fishing on offer across our LDAA waters continues to offer fantastic sport to both beginners and more experienced anglers alike. It has been a pleasure to see anglers catching their first Pike, a PB Perch, or even an elusive Zander. The increase in predator angling during the last twelve months has really highlighted the quality and quantity of predator fish in our waters. Although in years gone by, predators may have been considered nuisance fish by some anglers, we now appreciate the vital role which they have in maintaining a healthy ecosystem, whether it be in a lake, river, drain, or canal. The safe capture and release of any fish is of paramount importance to the LDAA, and that includes these predator species. Therefore, the LDAA has revised and updated its predator angling rules.  

To do this, the club has sought the expertise of national predator angling experts and organisations. This consultation has provided us with an enhanced understanding of how we can protect these fish, as well as optimise angling opportunities. In furtherance to this, we acknowledge that the local experts on our waters are you, our members. Therefore, we would invite anyone, especially the avid predator anglers amongst you (you know who you are!), to provide comments and suggestions regarding the updated predator rules.

Our plan is to publish the updated rules on October 1st 2021, and open a member consultation period for two weeks. During this period, we will invite LDAA members to email in any comments or suggestions on the updated predator rules. All comments and suggestions from our membership base will be reflected on, and posed to our expert anglers and organisations before decisions are made on them. These rules are for the benefit of you, us, our club, and our fish. A final copy of the updated predator rules will be published on November 1st 2021. These rules are for the benefit of our fish, our angling, and our club. Please do not hesitate to contact us about the proposed rule updates.

Please email any comments/suggestions to: info@lincolnangling.org (subject header Predator Rules)


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