Operation TRAVERSE - Stamping Out Illegal Fishing

March 17, 2020
Last Updated:
March 17, 2020

In consultation with the Angling Trust's National Enforcement Officer, Dilip Sarkar MBE, we are able to release the following guidance in order to tackle illegal fishing around Lincolnshire.


Recommendations upon sighting any illegal fishing during the close season:

1. Phone 101, state Operation Traverse and report your findings to the authorities, providing as much detailed information as possible. This will then be logged and recorded in the Lincolnshire crime database. If possible, take and retain photographic/video imagery to substantiate your report.

2. Phone the Angling Trust Regional Enforcement Officer, Philip Thomas, 07495 433621 who will use the data to assist with targeting areas in the future. This is an intelligence-led operation that requires a picture to target future activity. It is only as effective as to the frequency and accuracy of the data that is provided.

3. Inform LDAA via Facebook or text to 07453 910901 to raise concerns locally to their bailiffs.

4. For reference: in 2019 during Operation Galileo (Hare Hunting), Lincolnshire police received 2000 phone reports from the public. During the close season of 2019 Lincolnshire police received just 20 phone calls with reference to Operation Traverse.

5. These are your waters and every phone call will help. With sufficient information (eg. vehicle details), reports can be followed up in due time – ‘Stop Moaning and Get Phoning’ is the Angling Trust's recommendation and fully endorsed by LDAA.


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