Swan Incident - Mon 16th Nov

November 18, 2020
Last Updated:
November 18, 2020

A big thank you to Frankie, who on Monday 16th Nov, swiftly responded to a call from LDAA Bailiff, Mike – Fossdyke, between Carholme Golf Course Stretch and the Pyewipe.

A cygnet was in distress and after removing him from out of the water, noticed that there was a lure and line wrapped around a leg.  The line had clearly been in place for some time as it was evident that the leg wound was rotten.  The cygnet was transported to Selby where he was assessed and deemed to need an operation – at time of writing it is unclear as to what / if any permanent damage has been caused.

Frankie would like to stress, that if you do happen to entangle or suspect to have injured a Swan, then contact Frankie direct on 07938 092546 or raise a bailiffs attention on the Facebook Page.  

Accidents do happen – please report them.  Finally, if this is your lure then you may contact Frankie to collect in person.

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