Predator Rules

Proposed Predator Fishing Rules:  With effect 01 Nov 2021;

The popularity of predator fishing continues to increase across many of our waters. Species such as Pike, Perch and Zander are providing a diverse range of opportunities for our members to target predator fish. Predators play a crucial part in the ecosystem of every water. With increased angling pressure on these species, and with the benefit of expert advice, the LDAA Executive Committee has reviewed the predator fishing rules. As a club, we want to provide the best quality fishing for our members, which means that fish welfare is of paramount importance.  

The purpose of these rules updates are:

  • To ensure that the capture and release of all predator species is done in the safest manner possible.
  • To protect species at times when they may be most vulnerable i.e cease fishing for Pike when summer water temperature reach 21°c.
  • To manage our waters in a responsible and sustainable manner, thus protecting the quality and longevity of the fishing on our waters.
  • To protect the ecosystem of our waters. 

Predator Fishing Rules (Members & Day Ticket Anglers)

All predator anglers must be in possession of a valid LDAA Membership or Day Ticket. 

Any angler caught fishing without a valid LDAA Membership or Day Ticket (including refusal to purchase aday ticket) will be prosecuted under Schedule 1, Theft Act, 1968 – 'taking or destroying fish or attempting to take or destroy fish'

All predators caught from LDAA waters must be returned to the water alive unless prior permission is obtained in writing from the Chairman/Secretary prior to any fish being removed from LDAA waters. Anyone caught removing fish from LDAA waters without permission from the aforementioned persons will be prosecuted under the Theft Act 1968 SCHEDULE 1 'taking or destroying fish or attempting to take or destroy fish'.

All predator anglers must carry the following items when fishing:

  • 6” FORCEPS (perch/zander)
  • 12” FORCEPS (zander/pike)


All predator anglers must cease fishing for Pike when summer water temperatures reach 21°C and beyond.

Any methods other than dead baiting with  rod and line and lure fishing with rod and line are prohibited.

Boga Grips, Gags, Gaffs, and unpadded tape mats are prohibited on all LDAA WATERS.


Predators especially Pike and Zander are extremely fragile and poor handling can result in damage or even worse, death. The health and well-being of fish in LDAA waters is paramount. Please ensure that you follow the rules below which are intended to help protect and preserve our fish stocks.

  • Never stand whilst holding a fish (including photographs) - dropping a fish can cause severe damage or death.
  • Use an unhooking mat: Predators should not be placed on any surface other than an unhooking mat.
  • Pike should be ‘chin gripped’ to assist with controlling the fish and also to aid unhooking.
  • Support:  When using a ‘chin grip’ for photographing purposes or when releasing fish back to the water, make sure that the weight of the fish is supported by your spare hand.
  • Always crouch or kneel over an unhooking mat whilst holding a fish for photographs.
  • Predators mus be transferred to and from the water with the aid of a landing net or retaining sling/weigh sling. Unhooking mats may be used providing that they have carry handles i.e. Beanie Mat or similar.
  • Predators must be returned to the water as soon as possible - minimum handling equals maximum conservation. 
  • Ensure that fish are fully recovered before releasing them back to the water.


  • Dead-baiting is permitted from October 1st to March 14th only on all LDAA waters which permit the use of dead baiting.
  • Treble hook size #2-10 ONLY.
  • When dead baiting predator anglers must use a minimum 20" wire trace. 
  • Predator anglers must use a trace not less than 20lbs.
  • Fluorocarbon traces are not permitted.
  • Predator anglers using dead baiting methods must use audible indications at all times, i.e. bite alarm in the following manners: 

              Ledgering: 1. Rear Alarm + Rear Drop off indicator

                                  2. Front Alarm + Rear Drop off indicator

                                  3. Front Alarm + Front Adjustable Swinger Arm 

              Float Fishing: Float + Front Alarm   

  • Pike + Zander Anglers must use a minimum 15lb breaking strain monofilament line or 50lb braid.
  • Rods must not be left unattended at any time and members should be no further than 3 meters from their rod/s at any time.                                                                                              
  • Lure fishing is permitted from June 16th to March 14th.   
  • Between June 16th to September 30th Lures & Spinners must not exceed 7cm.
  • Between October 1st to March 14th Lures & Spinners may exceed 7cm.
  • Lure anglers must use a wire trace not less than 20lbs.
  • Lure anglers targeting Pike & Zander must use a minimum 30lb breaking strain braid.
  • If members are concerned that anglers are breaching the updated rules, they should signpost the angler to the updated rules, and report this to the Bailiff Team immediately. The Bailiff Team will consider any breaches of these rules on their individual merit. Repeat offenders may be subject to disciplinary actions, which could lead to expulsion from the club.