Starmers Pit

Due to the successful management of this venue, stock numbers and growth has been impressive with the venue now boasting specimen status. Regular fish size of Carp to over 20lb and occasional fish to over 30lb were caught in 2019 with Bream to just over 10lb, Tench to 8lb and Pike to 22lb.

Venue Specific RulesDue to the impressive specimen size of fish at this venue, several recent rules have been implemented by LDAA with fish safety in mind. Please read the full list of rules at the bottom of this page before fishing this venue.

Day TicketsThis venue is exclusive to LDAA members only. Day ticket anglers are not permitted to fish this venue. Please visit the membership page for more information and to join.

Starmers Pit Night SyndicateFor the 2020 season, Night Syndicate membership has been limited to 30 Members. Membership to this prestigious syndicate is only available directly from the LDAA Secretary/Treasurer - click here to contact us.

- Adults (21-64 yrs) £100 per year.
- Intermediate (17-20 yrs and 65+ yrs) £75 per year.
- Junior (12-16 yrs) £35 per year, must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Parking may be sought within the adjoining Sainsbury's car park. To avoid being issued with a parking ticket by the car park attendants, you are advised to inform Customer Services of your vehicle registration prior to fishing.

Rules & General Information

Association Rules

- The carrying or discharging of firearms is prohibited.

- Do not light fires or discard litter inappropriately. Please use an appropriate bin or take your litter home with you.

- No parking on banks at any time.

- Bait bans: live fish; bloodworm; joker; whole tiger nuts.

- No damage shall be caused to property, fences, trees or banks of the water.

- Fishing to be avoided where boats are moored, i.e. Summer and permanent moorings.

Starmers Pit Site Rules & Info

- This venue is exclusive to LDAA members only. Day ticket anglers are not permitted to fish this venue. Please visit the membership page for more information and to join.

- Day Fishing 7am through to 7pm, with the exception of fishing to Dusk if not approached by a Night Syndicate Member to vacate the peg. Night Syndicate Members have peg preference after 7pm.

Fish Safety Rules

- Minimum 15lb line for any part of fishing rig.

- Minimum 36” landing net.

- Minimum 1 inch thick unhooking mat, no smaller than 36 inch diagonal measurement or same measurement ‘off the ground’ cradle.

- No fixed leads; must be able to lose lead with minimal force – safety lead system only.

- Maximum retention of fish over 10lb in weight to be 1hour.

- Always check leader knots.

- No fish removal – all fish to be returned.

General Venue Rules

- Full EA rod licence required, to cover appropriate amount of rods being used. 3 rods maximum with two rod licences, a 2 rod ruling may be applied any time at the discretion of the bailiff.

- Please do not defecate in the surrounding area (bring a sealed bucket or use Sainsbury's toilets), and do not leave litter.  

- Given the awkward shape of Starmers (triangular) please think carefully about where you are casting and the impact it may have on neighbouring anglers.

- The use of cooking equipment is permitted on Starmers, but open fires are strictly prohibited.

- Respect other anglers, no poaching of swims, only fish in designated zone.

- No nuts of any kind.

- Children under the age of 16 to be accompanied by an adult.

- All litter from your swim is to be removed when leaving, last person in the swim will be held accountable for rubbish left behind.

- Random rig and bait checks will be carried out by the bailiff, please do not be offended by their advice!

- No drugs or alcohol.

- No camping tents, appropriate fishing equipment only.

- No generators.

- No loud music.

- No open fires, disposable BBQs to be off the floor.
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