Hartsholme Park

In November 2019, LDAA was pleased to announce the news of regaining the lease to Hartsholme after a sabbatical of 18 months.  

Day TicketsDay Tickets are £5, valid between Dawn and Dusk. For payment information click here. LDAA members with a valid annual membership are not required to purchase Day Tickets.

Hartsholme Park Night SyndicateFor the 2020 season, Night Syndicate membership has been limited to 15 members. Membership to this prestigious syndicate is only available directly from the LDAA Secretary/Treasurer - click here to contact us.

- Adults (21-64yrs) £80 per year.
- Intermediate (17-20 yrs and 65+ yrs) £65 per year.
- Junior (12-16 yrs) £25 per year, must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

InformationBeing such a large venue, many species of various sizes exist – with reports during 2019 of Bream to 11lb, Tench to 7lb, Carp to 32lb and 20-30lb pleasure catches of ‘silver fish’. Pike and Perch are also prevalent.

ParkingHighlighted as a "P" icon on the interactive map below (not an exhaustive list!). The main entrance to Hartsholme Country Park is on the B1378 (Skellingthorpe Road). It is signposted from the A46 (Lincoln Bypass) and from the B1003 (Tritton Road). An alternative parking area is along Shearwater Road, entry via Skellingthorpe Road (B1378).

Rules & General Information

Association Rules

- The carrying or discharging of firearms is prohibited.

- Do not light fires or discard litter inappropriately. Please use an appropriate bin or take your litter home with you.

- No parking on banks at any time.

- Bait bans: live fish; bloodworm; joker; whole tiger nuts.

- No damage shall be caused to property, fences, trees or banks of the water.

- Fishing to be avoided where boats are moored, i.e. Summer and permanent moorings.
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