River Witham

Day Tickets
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Night FishingNight fishing is not permitted at this venue.

InformationThe LDAA Upper Witham stretch lies between Firth Road(Lincoln) in the North, and Meadow Lane (North Hykeham) in the South. Closed Fishing Season: 15 March to 15 June inclusive.

ParkingDue to the large area that River Witham covers, parking areas have not been specified. Strictly no vehicles are allowed on the embankment.
Current River LevelThis is a new feature that is currently being trialled. We are aiming to make improvements, such as the format of the date/time, in the near future. This uses Environment Agency flood and river level data from the real-time data API (Beta). Thanks to the EA for providing this.

Closest Monitoring Station ID:E1594

River Level:No Data. Please contact us if you keep seeing this message! metres
Time of Reading:No Data. Please contact us if you keep seeing this message!
(date yyyy-mm-dd / time hh:mm:ss)

Typical High Level:No Data. Please contact us if you keep seeing this message! metres
Typical Low Level:No Data. Please contact us if you keep seeing this message! metres

Link to Full Data (EA Website):No Data. Please contact us if you keep seeing this message!
Station Location (Google Maps):No Data. Please contact us if you keep seeing this message!

PLEASE NOTE: only the data from the single closest monitoring station is used. This may still be some distance away from LDAA's leased section of the river - full details of which are provided below. You are encouraged to click through to the  EA and Google Maps pages, using the links above, to see the location of this monitoring station and form your own judgement before travelling. LDAA does not accept responsibility for any decisions you make based on the data provided above - we are simply providing an automated feed from the EA website.

Rules & General Information

Association Rules

ALL fish must be returned to the water alive, unless written permission is given by the committee prior to removal. This rule supersedes any national byelaw etc that may otherwise permit fish removal. Anybody removing fish from an LDAA water, without prior permission, is committing an offence under the Theft Act 1968. LDAA will ALWAYS take legal action against anybody violating this rule.
All anglers are to have a disgorger or similar unhooking device/implement available at all times.
All anglers are to have a landing net of suitable size for target fish available at all times.
Unhooking mats are highly recommended but not essential – specifically if taking pictures of captures placed upon the bank. Always think fish safety!
The carrying or discharging of firearms is prohibited.
Do not cause damage to property, fences, trees, or banks of the water at LDAA venues Wherever possible, LDAA will take legal action against individuals under the Criminal Damage Act 1971 if this rule is violated.
All allocated disability pegs are to be vacated at the request of a disability angler, unless the peg is already occupied by a disabled angler.
Open fires are strictly prohibited at all of our venues. Any BBQs are to be off the floor, and not to scorch the natural fauna.
Under 16s must be supervised on all LDAA waters at all times by a responsible adult/parent/guardian.
No parking on the banks at any time - please use a suitable and valid parking space.
No unauthorised pegging of matches allowed on any LDAA waters.
Applications for matches to be made to the LDAA Match Secretary (Alan Henry 07712620385).
If night fishing at Laughterton, all assigned match pegs are to be vacated by 08:30 on Match Day. All other venues with matches booked are not to be fished on Match Day.
The following baits are not to be used on LDAA waters: live bait; bloodworm; joker; whole tiger nuts.
All anglers are to close all gates behind them, taking special care to avoid damaging fences, banks and crops.
Discard of litter appropriately. Please use a suitable bin, or take your litter home with you. You are responsible for the removal of ALL litter from your peg when you vacate it.
Fishing is to be avoided where boats are moored, i.e. summer and permanent moorings.
No fishing from un-moored boats, kayaks, or any other form of un-moored watercraft is to take place within LDAA waters.
No camping – only bivvy equipment at the designated LDAA Night Fishing venues.
With the exception of Night Ticket holders at designated venues and Laughterton, fishing is only to take place from dawn until dusk.
Predator Rules:
1. Unhooking mats are compulsory for all anglers targeting Pike.
2. Minimum 36 inch landing net.
3. Appropriate hook removal tools (large forceps/pliers) are to be available.
4. Terminal trace is to be used.
5. No leaving baited/lured terminal tackle in the water unattended. Maximum 5m distance from rod.
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