AGM Constitution Amends and Final Call

April 18, 2023
Last Updated:
April 21, 2023

Last call for AGM agenda proposals!

The deadline for AGM agenda proposals is looming. Don't leave it too late to submit your proposals.

In order to submit your proposal, you must follow each of the below:

  • Set the subject as 'AGM Agenda Proposal'
  • Email to both AND
  • Must be submitted before Thu 20 April 2023 at 7pm BST

Would you like to join the LDAA committee?

We are welcoming members to put their names forward to come join the LDAA committee. We have a few positions that are up for re-election which include: Secretary, Treasurer and Match Secretary.

While these positions are up for re-election, we encourage committed and like-minded members to come support your local Angling Association.

If you’d like to put yourself forward for a place on the LDAA committee, then please email and by Thu 20 April 2023 at 7pm BST.

Amended constitution proposal

To adopt a new constitution of Lincoln and District Angling Association in the form annexed in substitution for the current constitution of Lincoln and District Angling Association.

  1. Lincoln And District Angling Association (LDAA), from hereon referred to as the ‘LDAA’ is a not-for-profit angling association with all proceeds reinvested into the improvements of the association and the local environment. 

Our mission statement:

“The LDAA wishes to enhance the fishing opportunities for our members, offer a friendly and inclusive association culture, and preserve and protect our local environments”.

Our Purpose

  1. The purpose of the LDAA is:
  • To offer a variety of fishing opportunities to anglers, including members and non-members, and to promote the sport of angling. 
  • To maintain and improve our local environment, by encouraging best practice in terms of fish welfare, and environmental conservation. 
  • To continuously improve the fishing association, and to expand the range of waters, and the diversity of angling opportunities for our members. 
  • To offer a positive and enjoyable culture, which encourages social and competitive fishing for members of all experiences, skills, and abilities. 
  • To offer inclusivity and opportunities to anyone who wishes to fish, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexuality, age, disability, or social status. 
  • To increase the membership of juniors and other minority groups.  


  1. Anyone has the right to apply for membership. Membership is renewed annually and expires after one year from the date of purchase. 
  2. Membership options include. 
  • Full member (adult)
  • Intermediate (65 years or over, 17-20 years or disability)
  • Junior (12-16 years, all under 16’s to be accompanied or supervised by parent or guardian)
  • Honorary life member (at the discretion of the elected committee members)
  1. A limited number of venue specific permits (such as overnight memberships) are available on some of the LDAA venues. Please visit our website for further information. 
  2. Day tickets are available on most of the LDAA venues. Please see the LDAA website for the rules on each specific venue. 
  3. The LDAA will support angling through social media platforms.
  4. The LDAA reserves the right to refuse membership applications, or to cap membership numbers. 
  5. Anyone fishing on any LDAA venue must have an Environment Agency licence. 
  6. The LDAA does not permit filming or photography for any other purpose than personal use unless the expressed permission of the LDAA is sought prior. There is to be no photography or filming for commercial or other paid reasons without the expressed permission of the LDAA. 


  1. By purchasing an annual membership or day ticket for any of the LDAA venues, members and day ticket anglers agree to familiarise themselves with, and to comply with, the LDAA fishing rules. Full and up to date rules are available on the LDAA website.  
  2. The LDAA general fishing rules, LDAA predator fishing rules, and any LDAA venue specific rules will be reviewed, updated, and agreed by the executive committee annually at the AGM. Members will have the opportunity to propose amendments by raising the issue with the association Secretary prior to the AGM.   
  3. The LDAA reserves the right to suspend, sanction, or expel members who breach the LDAA fishing rules. 
  4. Any members making derogatory comments about the LDAA, an elected official, or any other member, including but not limited to social media posts, will be deemed to have brought the LDAA reputation into disrepute, and may be suspended, sanctioned, or expelled from the LDAA by the committee. 

Association Officials 

  1. Trustees

The LDAA will appoint a minimum of 3 trustees, who are expected to serve a minimum of 3 years. Current trustees serving for a period of 3 years are:

  • Mr Wally Holt
  • Mr Colin Yexley
  • Mr Andy Malt

The role of the trustee is:

  • To be outstanding representatives who are symbolic of the LDAA mission statement. 
  • To make strategic decisions and provide operational advice to the LDAA committee. 
  • Undertake annual financial audits of the LDAA treasurers accounts. 
  • Approve purchases and leases of LDAA venues.
  • To act as mediation or dispute resolution in the event of LDAA official disputes. 
  • To bring or defend legal proceedings on behalf of the LDAA.  
  1. Trustees 

LDAA Trustees are not active voting LDAA committee members. For strategic or potentially contentious LDAA decisions (the definition of such will be determined by the committee and trustees) a trustee vote may be requested. 

  1. President 

The LDAA President is an honorary role with its main function acting as a figurehead role representing LDAA at internal and external meetings. The President exercises fiduciary duty (a duty of care) in the management of the LDAA’s business. The President supports the decisions of the LDAA committee and seeks input and communication of the members when required. The President encourages member participation and makes himself/herself available to the membership.

The President may be a Trustee. The President is an active voting member of the LDAA committee. 

  1. Chairman

The main role of the Chairman is to have responsibility for the overall running of the LDAA committee and ensures the smooth running of the organisation, supporting and managing the LDAA committee and officials. The Chairman will chair meetings, coordinate, and support projects, and work with the trustees to ensure that the strategic vision of the LDAA is embedded into the daily operations of the committee. The Chairman will ensure that the best interests of the members remain paramount, and that the welfare of the LDAA venues, fish, wildlife, and eco-systems are prioritised. The Chairman is an active voting member of the LDAA committee. 

  1. Vice Chairman 

The role of the Vice Chairman is to support the Chairman in his/her duties. Furthermore, the Vice Chairman will act as a project lead on nominated plans and developments. The Vice Chairman should be an active voting member of the LDAA committee. 

  1. Secretary

The LDAA Secretary is the central point of administration and is responsible for communication and correspondence and organises and minutes LDAA committee meetings. The LDAA secretary manages the calendars, including matches, fishing meets, and social events. The LDAA Secretary should be an active voting member of the LDAA committee.

  1. Treasurer

The LDAA treasurer is responsible for the financial operations and management of the LDAA. Our treasurer manages and records the LDAA’s income and expenditures and assists the LDAA committee in terms of financial viability advice. The LDAA financial year runs from Jan 1st to Dec 31st annually. Accounts must be audited by either the LDAA board of trustees, or an external auditor in their absence, as soon after the end of the financial year as possible. The LDAA treasurer will prepare an annual balance of accounts and in preparation for this audit. A summary of the LDAA accounts will be prepared in preparation for the AGM. The LDAA Treasurer should be an active voting member of the LDAA committee. At the discretion of the Committee, the position of Treasurer may be amalgamated with that of the Secretary. 

  1. Match coordinator 

The LDAA match coordinator is responsible for match bookings on all LDAA venues, including member only, and open matches. The match coordinator is responsible for overseeing and supporting the LDAA match organisers, for managing match fees, and for acting as the voice of the match community within the LDAA committee. The LDAA Match Coordinator should be an active voting member of the LDAA committee.

  1. Social media coordinator

The social media coordinator is responsible for maintaining the LDAA social media platforms, including pleasure, match and specimen catch reports, as well as responding to information requests and messages. The Social Media Coordinator will develop a strategy to keep the LDAA members updated and informed of LDAA news, developments and enable members to communicate with the LDAA. The Social Media Coordinator should be an active voting member of the LDAA committee.

  1. Committee members

The LDAA committee members are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the LDAA. They will act on behalf of the LDAA members and ensure that the welfare of our fish stocks and venue environments remain paramount. 

  1. Bailiffs / Bailiff coordinator

Bailiffs are valued volunteers at the LDAA, offering a crucial presence on our venues. Bailiffs are responsible for checking the membership details of anglers and selling day tickets. They also monitor environmental issues, and report back any concerns to the LDAA committee via the Bailiff coordinator. Our Bailiff team is headed up by the Bailiff Coordinator, who provides an important voice for the Bailiffs on the LDAA committee. The Bailiff Coordinator should be an active voting member of the LDAA committee.

  1. LDAA welfare officer

The LDAA welfare officer is responsible for responding to any concerns relating to the safety or welfare of children or adults who are of risk within the LDAA. This is a role which focuses on embedding a safeguarding culture within the LDAA and is intended to support everyone within the association. The LDAA welfare officer should be an active voting member of the LDAA committee.

  1. Community Liaison coordinator

The LDAA community liaison officer is responsible for building up a team of official volunteers, to assist with a range of tasks, activities, and events and is responsible for communicating with and organising volunteers. The community liaison coordinator is responsible for assisting the secretary with liaising with outside authorities. The community liaison coordinator should be an active voting member on the LDAA committee. 

  1. All officials are entitled to a complimentary LDAA membership during their time in post. 
  2. All officials are entitled to reasonable remuneration for costs incurred whilst undertaking tasks on behalf of the LDAA, including honorariums for the Secretary and Treasurer roles. 

LDAA committee 

  1. In recent years the LDAA committee has been the subject to major restructure. Committee vacancies are advertised both within the LDAA and externally. The LDAA Trustees and Committee announces the following appointments. The term will be for a period of 3 years. For committee stability it is requested that any future resignations be given with 1 months’ notice for a suitable replacement to be sought and handover to be given. The Secretary/Treasurer and Match Coordinator roles will be up for re-election at the 2023 AGM.

President                TBC

Chairman Mr Marcus Langmaid

Vice-Chairman TBC

Secretary Mr Andy Founds 

Treasurer Mr Andy Founds

Match Coordinator Mr John Blades

Social Media Coordinator     Mr Marcus Langmaid

Bailiff Coordinator Mr Barry Grantham

Community Liaison Coordinator TBC

Committee Members Mr Colin Yexley*, Mr Andy Malt*, Mr Mick Burley, Mr Clinton Rendall

*Denotes Trustee (not active voting LDAA committee member)

  1. The general roles and responsibilities of the LDAA committee include:
  • Determining the LDAA membership fees, day ticket prices, and other expenses. 
  • Control the affairs of the LDAA on behalf of the members. 
  • To make decisions based on a simple majority vote, with the Chairman having a deciding vote in the event of a drawn vote. 
  • Keeping accurate financial accounts through the LDAA Treasurer. 
  • Keeping accurate minutes of meetings and recording rationale on all significant decisions. 
  • Responsible for the purchase and lease of land or waters on behalf of the association. 
  • Responsible for maintaining and implementing the LDAA policies and procedures. 
  • Responsible for fund raising through subscriptions, charges, grants and appeals. 
  1. The LDAA Committee elects committee members on a basis of skills, knowledge, and experience. The LDAA will encourage a range of diversity on our committee, appreciating the extended breadth of knowledge, skills, and experience this will provide. 
  2. Committee members will be encouraged to lead in any areas of specialism they may possess. 
  3. Sub committees may be formed and must contain at least one committee member within them to report back to the committee. Non committee members can support within subgroups. 
  4. The committee have the power to co-opt members onto the committee as and when required, however that member should have held an LDAA membership for at least 12 months prior, unless in exceptional circumstances* (*determined by the LDAA committee members). 
  5. Committee meetings will be held monthly or bi-monthly depending on necessity and availability of committee members. 
  6. Committee members will make group decisions by way of simple majority vote. When voting, each committee member agrees to consider the following decision-making criteria,
  • The impact on the venues and surrounding environment. 
  • The impact on the quality of angling 
  • The impact on members 
  • The impact on the LDAA (including growth, financially, reputationally, and other)
  • The impact on inclusion, equality, and diversity 
  • The impact on the futureproofing and succession planning 
  1. A quorum of 5 is required to pass a vote during a committee meeting. In the event of a tie vote, the Chairman will either have the deciding vote, or may choose to request a vote from the LDAA trustees.  
  2. Committee members must provide apologies in advance of the meetings.
  3. Committee members can resign at any time and must confirm their decision in writing, providing 1 month notice when appropriate to do so. 
  4. All committee members will consider succession planning and future proofing the LDAA for the benefit of members and generations to follow. 
  5. The committee must support all angling, including pleasure, match, and specimen, without bias towards any branch of the sport. None of the LDAA venues will receive preferential treatment over another. 

Executive committee

  1. The Executive committee will comprise of President, Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary who will be responsible for communications, project work and agenda items that require attention in between the monthly LDAA Committee meetings. This committee is accountable to the Trustees.


44. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held no later than May 31st each year. 

45. The date of the AGM will be notified on the LDAA website and social media platforms no later than 28 days prior to the meeting. 

46. Items for agenda should be made in writing or emailed to the Secretary no later than 14 days prior to the AGM. The proposer of the agenda item must attend the AGM to support the proposal. Any member can propose an agenda item for the AGM. 

47. The AGM Agenda shall consist of 

  1. President/Chairman opening remarks.
  2. Minutes of previous AGM
  3. Secretary report
  4. Treasurer report
  5. Election of Committees
  6. Fees
  7. Resolutions (in detail)

48. A summary report of the AGM will be shared with the full membership. Minutes of the meeting can be provided to members if requested. 

49. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) can be convened by the LDAA Secretary at the request of the members, committee, or trustees. Whether the Secretary convenes an EGM will depend on the validity and justification of the proposer, and all decisions will be made in consultation with the LDAA committee, Chairman, and Trustees. An EGM may be called at any time by one of the following.

  1. The Executive Committee
  2. Twenty Individual Members, who must submit their names and membership details to the Secretary. The Executive Committee shall call the meeting within 40 days of receipt by the Secretary of the requisition and notice of the meeting (as rule 49 a) given. 

50. If an EGM is convened, the LDAA Secretary will share notice of this with the membership 14 days prior, where appropriate and manageable, and agenda items must be proposed by members at least 7 days prior, where appropriate and manageable. 

51. All committee members should, where possible, attend the AGM. 

Proceedings at General Meetings

52. Ten Members (not including Temporary Members) shall form a quorum at any General Meeting. In addition, Junior Members (under 17) are encouraged to attend but they shall have no voting rights. Intermediates (17-20 years) have Full voting rights.

53. At every General Meeting the President, or in his absence a Vice President or Chair shall take the Chair. The Chairman, all officers and members present shall be entitled to vote and in the event of an equality of votes the Chairman shall be allowed a second and casting vote. Voting shall be by a show of current Membership Cards.

54. Any member misconducting themselves at any meeting of the Association so as to hinder business, shall be called in order by the Chairman of the meeting and if they persist with their misconduct shall be expelled from the meeting.

55. The Trustees have the prerogative to cancel general meetings at any time and have the option to reconvene and conduct the meeting in private.

Association governance 

56. The LDAA will publish all policies and guidance on the LDAA website. These documents will be reviewed and updated annually by the LDAA elected committee, unless there is an extraordinary requirement to undertake an interim revision. 

57. Any alterations to the LDAA constitution shall be made at the LDAA AGM or EGM. 


58. If at any General Meeting of the Association a resolution be passed calling for dissolution of the Association, the Secretary shall immediately convene a Special General Meeting to be held not less than one month thereafter to discuss and vote on the resolution.

59. If at the Special General Meeting, the resolution is carried by at least two thirds of the Full Members present, the Executive Committee shall thereupon, or at such date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of the Association and discharge all of its debts and liabilities.

60. Assets remaining after discharging debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to some other organisation having objectives similar to those of the Association, as agreed by two-thirds Full Members at the Special General Meeting.

Associated documents  

61. Please consider this LDAA constitution alongside the following documents

  • LDAA general fishing rules (date TBC)
  • LDAA predator rules (date TBC)
  • LDAA safeguarding policy (date TBC)
  • LDAA complaints procedure (date TBC)
  • LDAA Bailiff code of conduct (date TBC)
  • LDAA member code of conduct (date TBC)
  • LDAA elected official code of conduct (date TBC)
  • LDAA disciplinary policy (date TBC)
  • LDAA social media guidance (date TBC)

No items found.