Clubmate Statement

August 22, 2023
Last Updated:
August 22, 2023

The LDAA is pleased to announce that in the near future, we will be switching from membership cards to an app-based platform called Clubmate. 

The LDAA has been considering this switch for some time now and deemed in order to bring the LDAA into the 21st century, this switchover was critical.

We feel that offering Clubmate as our membership platform allows the LDAA to focus more on providing members with excellent angling experiences. 

We appreciate that there may be some of our members that will be reluctant to switch to the app-based platform and that is perfectly fine. We will still process membership cards for those that wish to continue utilising these. However, the majority of memberships will be processed through this app.

One of the main factors of choosing Clubmate in the new era of LDAA was to ensure we are doing our part to become more environmentally-friendly by reducing printing.

Local tackle shops will continue to sell our memberships while you can continue to purchase memberships through the website or even via the newly established app.

We will release more details in due course.

Due to unprecedented and popular demand, existing membership cards are still being processed and we are making great strides through the backlog of renewals and new members.

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