Update to the LDAA Blue Lagoon

April 26, 2021
Last Updated:
April 26, 2021

The work carried out earlier in the year at the Blue Lagoon has had unexpected, but very welcome, benefits.


26/4/2021 has seen the debut of 12 irresistibly cute and fluffy ducklings who are taking full advantage of the newly installed berm. Playing hide and seek and using it as an assault course they’re able to practice their manoeuvres in complete safety from the bigger goslings and male ducks.


Ducklings at the Blue Lagoon

First to arrive were the 4 Moorhen chicks, then the 6 goslings, joined by 4 Coot chicks.....all in the space of 2 weeks, and now the ducklings. The population is due to increase as there is another Moorhen sitting on eggs; this area has been taped off to give her as much peace and safety as possible.


Greylag Goose with 6 goslings.

Also noticeable is the increase in new fauna popping through, the result of the thinned out canopy, which will hopefully increase year by year.


Increase in ground cover (Bluebells)

Bailiffs were in attendance 25/4/2021 to carry out general maintenance work as authorised by Lincoln & District City Council, led by LDAA’s Head Bailiff. The work was to thin out some of the invasive lilies which will allow more light into the water and give more space for native lily plants to grow and also aid the anglers with all aspects of ‘fish safety’ when considering catching fish.


Platform maintenance will continue, but all major work is suspended at the moment to prevent disturbance to the nesting birds and water fowl. 

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